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Viquest provides unique access to AfriMod brand home & lifestyle products. AfriMod products are inspired by ancient icons, symbols, patterns, motifs and forms of Africa and the world.

Our company is focused on the concept of a modern inclusive global world and our mission is to design and craft unique products that are unexpected, distinctive and evocative. See our full range of products available on our online retail platform,

Our online stockist program allows individuals and small businesses to sell AfriMod products through their own websites, organizations, clubs, etc.

How Does it Work?

Your customer makes a purchase on your site or through your association. You place an order on at 10% discount on retail price and viquest ships product/s directly to your customer.

Who is this Program for?

  • E-commerce shop owners
  • Bloggers & Influencers
  • Interior Designers
  • Small retail businesses
  • Organizations
  • Clubs
  • Etc


Customers purchase products directly through you, without leaving your site. This program allows you to collect and retain customer data, as well as forge close customer relationships.

In addition, AfriMod Studio will work with you to create customized products to meet your needs. We Change text inside cards, add additional branding elements to yoga mats, or fulfill specific color schemes for sets of throw pillows… Done!


You must have an independent online retail presence or operate an independent retail marketing.


Can I customize products?

Yes, AfriMod Studio can work with you to customize products to your needs.

Can I also receive bulk discounts?

Yes, if you place an order at or above the minimum quantity, the bulk discount will automatically be calculated for that order.

Who determines the price my customer pays?

Our only requirement is that you price items at the retail price indicated or above. If your prices are higher than the recommended retail price, you keep that extra profit.

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