AfriMod Studio

Our Work

AfriMod Studio is the design studio of Viquest Creative Ltd. Our Mission is to evolve new designs that are characterized by multiple cultural design narratives—and in the process, create new products that enrich lives globally.

In creating innovative products, our Design Studio seeks to uncover the core essence inherent in ancient symbols, icons, forms, patterns, shapes, etc. We rely on these insights to design and produce artsy and funky home and lifestyle products that are evocative, bold and African-inspired modern.

Our Philosophy

The guiding philosophy behind our design sensibility is “trado-cultural futurism—a fusion of modernity and traditions—and of time and history. It is akin to a movement from the present to the future through the past—an exploratory process that aims to discover new pathways to creating innovative home and lifestyle products that take inspiration from ancient symbols, icons, forms, patterns, shapes, concepts, etc.

Our design process begins with the deconstruction and manipulation of selected precedent items to uncover aspects of their hidden core essences. The resulting variables are then reinterpreted, reconfigured, reshaped and recomposed into multiple series of graphic elements that go to form the basis for new patterns and new designs. In turn, these new patterns and designs are re-scaled, assigned new color attributes, new placements, etc, to eventually result in unique modern products that are bold, comprehensible, and yet pay homage to their origins.

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