Comfortable & Casual: African Hassocks for Modern Global Floor Seating

Ideas for comfortable and casual Modern Global floor seating. Create an eclectic, unfussy space for family and friends with handmade African leather hassocks and natural fiber flooring. Abstract traditional patterns add visual interest and depth to your space. Get cozy on the floor!

Photo credit: Aubrie Pick

Create a comfortable modern global seating environment with handmade African leather poufs and natural fiber rugs. These handmade pieces can be used to make warm, unfussy and casual seating areas that add organic materials and textures to your space.


Round camel leather hassock from

Dark Round

Traditional African leather pouf. The dark, subdued colors are excellent for modern decor with a masculine aesthetic.

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Floor Pillow

Add a little more casual comfort by using African leather floor pillows instead of structured hassocks.

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Round natural fiber rugs warm up your floors.

Small African leather ottoman.