WooCommerce Product Lead Times

Quickly and easily create and display product lead times for your WooCommerce shop.  Increase customer confidence and manage your time.   Even add a fee for a faster turnaround time.

The WooCommerce Product Lead Times extension allows you to set lead times for all your WooCommerce products. With this extension, you can simply and professionally keep your customers informed and happy, and easily manage their expectations.

Available Soon:
Launches 2019

This WooCommerce plugin provides lead time management tools for artisans, furniture designers / manufacturers, fashion designers, product designers, Etsy makers, and businesses that deal with multiple suppliers or on-demand production.

You probably create each custom product when a customer places an order. Or, you’re using print-on-demand services. Or, perhaps, you sell products from a variety of suppliers in different locations. At the moment there is no way in WooComnerce to let your customers know what the lead time/turnaround time will be. Nor is there any way for you to see lead times for products on the admin Orders page, so you can plan you time more efficiently.

WooCommerce Product Lead Times gives you complete control over all your product lead times. You can easily set lead times, show them on customer facing pages and see them in the admin Orders page.

As such, your customers can see exactly when your products will be ready for shipping. In addition, you can add rush order designations to specific products for a fee that customers pay at checkout.


How it Works

You simply create lead time groups for your products. A lead time group bundles together products with similar characteristics and the same lead time. If you change the time period, text, fees, etc of the lead time group, all products in that group are affected.

For example, you can set a lead time of 1-2 weeks for custom t-shirts.  If there are issues with your t-shirt supplier for that month, you can simply adjust the lead time to 2-4 weeks, or whatever is appropriate. All products within that group will change to reflect the new lead time.



  • Set lead times for WooCommerce products
  • Add an explanation for why the lead time is necessary (optional)
  • Display lead times on product pages, the cart, checkout, order emails and customer account page
  • Change lead times in bulk
  • Apply lead times to variable products
  • Monetize your time by setting a fee for rush order
  • Keep track of lead times on the admin side on the Products and Orders page


Launching Soon

WooCommerce Product Lead Times will be available soon. As a thank you for your pre-launch interest, we’re offering a $20 coupon. Simply add your email below and we’ll send you the coupon when the plugin launches.

Available Soon:
Launches 2019