Add a Touch of Modern Global with African Stools

Use the bold, abstract shapes, designs and patterns of African stools to create focal points in your decor. These furniture-as-art / art-as-furniture pieces are as much at home in clean, modern decor as eclectic interiors. In addition, there is a certain flair in having a one-of-a-kind, hand-carved piece of solid wood furniture.

Taller African stools can be re-adapted as side-tables and coffee tables, while shorter pieces can be used as plant stands, towel storage in guest rooms or even as children’s stools.

Modern global style with Nupe stool and regency chair with batik fabric

Nupe stool from the village of Giri, Nigeria

Solid wood Bamileke stool

Bamileke Stool, find it on

Nupe-inspired coffee table - African stools in modern decor

Nupe-inspired coffee table, find it on

Bamileke Stool with Cattle Caryatid

Bamileke Stool with Cattle Caryatid, find it on

African stool (Nupe kitchen stool) as a plant stand

Mini Nupe Stool as Plant Stand, find it on

Six-legged Nupe stool as a side-table

Nupe stools on