About Viquest Creative Ltd.

Viquest Creative Limited, “viquest,” pronounced: vy – quest and coined from the words “vision” and “quest”.

Viquest is a creative agency that offers a combination of strategy and design services. The company is lead primarily by creative professionals with backgrounds in Graphic and Digital Design, Architectural Design, Communication Arts, Marketing and Advertising.

Our business model takes a longer-term view of our commitment to the client with regards to creating value. Under this model, we take on the role of partner and strategic advisor.

Our work method is collaborative— addressing problems from the perspective that the solution ultimately requires close interaction with the client. This approach demands that we continue to hone our leadership skills, to strengthen our organizational capacity, and always embody a culture of empathy and interpersonal collaboration.

We create value for our clients and communities we work in by helping to shape the environment where people live and work, such that communities thrive, companies prosper, and our society progress.