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AfriMod: Connecting Artisans & Art-Lovers

AfriMod: creating and supporting worldwide market access for contemporary & traditional artisans in Africa.

AfriMod is creating a space in West Africa for artists, designers and artisans to establish direct access to the global market and connect with creative communities worldwide.

Help AfriMod build this highly needed infrastructure to expand artisan access, improve income opportunities and encourage collaboration between artisans globally.

This project, the AfriMod Xchange, is designed as an on-the-ground, walk-in counterpart to the online marketplace, afrimod.com.  It is a community space that seeks to bridge the knowledge divide and help local artists, designers and artisans gain access to the global online market.

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Introducing AfriMod: The new way to shop African and Africa-inspired art, design & home decor. (Launch date – March 01, 2015)

That Africa is a continent of deep, diverse cultural and artistic heritage is often repeated in social discourse to a degree that leaves one wondering why it is so difficult to shop a wide variety of African products today. In cities, towns and villages across the continent, artists, designers, innovators and craft-makers are creating some of the most exceptional works of art anywhere. The offerings are extensive and cover several genres, from contemporary paintings, illustrations, sculpture and crafts to designer fashions, accessories and beauty products as well as avant-garde interior pieces and timeless classics.

The reality however, is that even though shops specializing in African arts & crafts pop-up in cities world-wide, the offerings are often quite limited compared to the variety and quality available on the continent. This is largely due to complex difficulties associated with repeat acquisition of new supplies. As a result of this lack of access to resupply, very few shops survive beyond a couple of years. This limitation applies even more to the occasional vendor who sells items at flea markets and community events. Meanwhile in Africa, with limited access to PayPal, most artists, designers and craft-makers are unable to list and sell their works online.

AfriMod recognizes that this problem is centered on a lack of access and built a dedicated ecommerce platform to unify these artists, designers, makers and shoppers on a single marketplace. This aggregation ensures that these artists and their works do not to get lost in the shuffle, especially on the Internet where millions of individual websites vie for the attention of global shoppers.

Makers, irrespective of their location, can list and sell their goods directly to consumers world-wide without middlemen. And consumers have access to a variety of otherwise inaccessible products that add to the growth of the home décor and fashion industries globally.

– Osita D. Juwah

AfriMod, afrimod.com is an online service designed, owned and operated by Viquest Creative Limited a Toronto, Ontario, Canada Corporation.
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Nike Art Gallery

Nike Art Gallery is a must see for any visitor to Lagos. Located on the Lekki Peninsula, the gallery is a serene refuge for the contemporary arts in Nigeria. With its iconic gate based on traditional Adire patterns, and courtyard of Osun-inspired sculptures, the gallery boasts an enormous exhibition space of over 400 sq m spread over four floors.

Jos: the Silence of Adobe

Travel to Jos: Exploring traditional adobe Architecture on display on the grounds of the Museum of Traditional Nigerian Architecture (MoTNA).
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Toronto Renovation in Leslieville

Extensive interior renovation of a three-storey residential dwelling, overlooking a park, in the Leslieville neighborhood of Toronto.

DC Renovation in the Near Northeast / H St Corridor

A circa 1900 severely neglected Federal in a gentrifying neighbourhood after a botched 1980s attempt at renovation.

The basement was flooded with extensive water damage, floors sagged with termite damage and wood rot, the roof sagged and leaked, mechanicals, electrical and plumbing were nonexistent, and the sewer emptied into the backyard.

The property required complete demolition of all interior structures down to its perimeter brick walls, with the sky for a ceiling. Renovations included replacing all floor and roof joists, partition walls and the rubber roof; repositioning and replacing all exterior doors and windows, replacing plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems. In addition, multiple skylights were installed to take advantage of natural light.

Outside, the extensive yard was landscaped with perennials and wildflowers. Found large stones, original bricks and old logs were reused for the dry-river bed and borders. A lattice-work back gate provides security and allows safe passage of the severe northwestern winter winds.

Project completed 2004.